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I don’t think I have any followers, but I have an idea that might actually help me use this blog. I have been considering starting a review site that reviews reviews from other review sites. There are too many terrible reviews out there to be able to easily find the ones worth listening to (i.e. the ones that don’t have Pitchfork-esque careless and lazy lack of justification for their scores). This will provide readers a service that they cannot find anywhere else, and will likely revolutionize reviews to such an extent that I will become the founder and leader of the new superior civilization which will advance the entire species to the next age of human thought and society. Expect a review of a review of Erragal’s Athems of Isolation to start it off.

i ordered the Burzum Umskiptar limited edition vinyl. Get yours here:

I highly recommend it if you like black or even death metal. Here is a song from the album:

Kromestar songs that I would like to be released:

2004 Love Story

Monster Dub


Lion’s Theme

Unfortunately they aren’t released, though. Have this, then:


This is my first post. I welcome all who read this, as well as myself, into what I expect to become a worthwhile experience. I hope to share music and information with all my followers and I hope you enjoy what I post.

This blog will likely be geared towards the artistically liberal who have an appreciation of progressive music. For examples, you should expect music like Aphex Twin (<3), Merzbow (<3), and maybe a bit of really weird stuff, like Passenger of Shit or Maxi Bacon.

I don’t want you to think, though, that this will be a music blog. I’ll probably only post a bit of music, relative to other posts. I may even use this as a creative writing blog. I have no idea. This is just sort of an experiment to see what I would share with people if they actually listened to what I said. So you can probably expect very good music, but this might get kind of personal, and I have no way to predict how personal I’ll actually get. I might only briefly reference some events that that are occurring in my life at the moment, or I might actually give out more information than I expect at the moment.

I would like to gain a good amount of loyal followers, just to see what I would do with several people who actually read what I put out there.

tl;dr I don’t know what to make this blog about.

Sorry about the unoriginal theme. Unfortunately, I don't want to spend hours going through the html and customizing it. So I'm just using Tumblr default configuration options for themes.
This is just a blog in which I hope to share weird music for those who enjoy weird music, and maybe just fuck around. I've never used this web site before, so I have no idea where the blog will go.
If you want personal information, I'm a guy and there is not a reason why I don't have a picture of me on here and likely never will. I'm not trying to hide myself or anything, I just don't want to go through the time-consuming process of taking a photo for absolutely no reason.
I make music under many pseudonyms, so I won't link anything in this description, but I probably will in posts.
So fuck off, that's all the description you're getting.

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